Garland Ranch Regional Park

View of Carmel Valley.

It is time to put on your hiking shoes, grab some water, and head over to Garland Ranch Regional Park in Carmel Valley. No matter your skill level, there is a trail for everyone at the 4,462-acre park. Take a steady stroll on the Buckeye Nature Trail or test your stamina on the steep inclines  of Snivley’s Ridge Trail or the East Ridge Trail. It may sound intimidating, but worth the satisfaction of making it to the top. Of course the views of the beautiful Carmel Valley and the Ventana Wilderness are a nice addition to the satisfaction.

Hike to an elevation of 2,000 ft. on the Sky Trail or relax by the Carmel River at the lowest elevation of 200 ft. At various other elevations you will witness peaceful meadows, lush canyons, dense woodlands, and Garzas Creek. You may even encounter historical locations, including Rumsien Indian habitation sites, as well as 19th century homesteading and logging settlements. Feast your eyes upon the beauty around every corner. The best aspect is that there are many trails to complete, so coming back to take on trails that you have not yet experienced is encouraged.

Feeling lost? No need to worry because Garland Ranch Regional Park allows you to borrow  a map for your adventure and there are signs on the trails to ensure that you are on the right track (or on the wrong one).

Garland Ranch Regional Park is dog friendly, so no need to leave your four-legged friend at home. The majority of the park allows for your dog to be off-leash; however, you must maintain visual contact with your dog at all times. Let them explore and have fun.

Learn about the plant life that you will be encountering during your hike. Educate yourself before the hike and show-off your knowledge to your hiking partner or group.

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If you are not much of a hiker and would rather mountain bike or ride a horse, no need to cross Garland Ranch Regional Park off the list. Mountain bikes are allowed only on the Cooper Ranch Loop. On the other hand, you can go horseback riding on a majority of the trails.

Grab your bags because it is time to head over to the Garland Ranch Regional Park down by the bay.


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