Ryan Ranch Disc Golf Course


Test your aim and your disc throwing abilities at Ryan Ranch Disc Golf Course – located in Monterey, California. The 29-hole, Mach V course was established in 2008. If you take on all 29 holes, you will be throwing the disc a minimum of 5,991 feet in total. Eight holes have a length under 300 ft, 14 holes have a distance between 300 and 400 feet, and the remaining 7 holes will have your disc traveling over 400 feet. No matter if you are a beginner or veteran, you can enjoy your time on the course.

Each hole offers its own unique challenges, such as changing elevations, wind, topography, and tight hole placements. You will be tossing a disc into a basket that is in the middle of an open field or surrounded by a grove of trees.  There are spots along the course where the grass is tall, so losing your disc is not impossible. I recommend either using a bright disc that contrasts the green grass and/or pay close attention to where your disc lands. Aside from just playing the course, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of Ford Ord and Ryan Ranch wildlife.

Even if you have not played the Ryan Ranch Disc Golf Course before, it is easy to know where the course begins and the appropriate hole sequence. There is a course map located near the parking lot, along with each hole showing the basket you need to aim for and the direction of the next hole. Head to the 1st tee and begin playing the wonderful sport of disc golf.

Grab your bags because it is time to head over to the Ryan Ranch Disc Golf Course down by the bay.


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