Marina Dunes Preserve

Feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your skin as you hike the dunes of south Monterey Bay and take a dip in the Pacific Ocean at Marina Dunes Preserve. Adjacent to the popular Marina State Beach, the Marina Dunes Preserve offers the perfect venue for beach activities. No matter if it is sun tanning, surfing, swimming, or throwing a frisbee; you can do it all at the Marina Dunes Preserve. The beach offers beautiful panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, Moss Landing, Santa Cruz, and the Monterey Peninsula.

The area that Marina Dunes Preserve currently covers used to be a sand mining site. Once abandoned, the area became a place where people rode their off-roading vehicles. After the vehicles began to damage the area and a proposal to establish a large-scale hotel on the land failed, action needed to occur to save the natural habitat before it was too late. In 1988, the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District purchased the land and restoration began. The sand processing plant was removed, public access to the beaches were enhanced, and the natural habitats were restored. Now it is a place for all to enjoy!


Grab your towels because it is time to head over to the Marina Dunes Preserve down by the bay.


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