‘Top Hiker’ Hiking Game

It is time to add a bit more fun to your hiking experience with a new game that a hiking buddy and I have created. You don’t have to do much, but enjoy your hike, rack up points, and earn a reward. As you are hiking you can either earn or lose a certain amount of points based on what you see and what you do. At the start of your hike each hiker begins with 10 points. From there, you either subtract or add the points. You can choose the rewards system to whatever you desire. It could be the hiker with the least amount of points owes the other hikers a reward or all of the hikers owe the one with the most points something. Your group can decide what the reward is. Below is the point system.

Earn Points

Photographer (5 points) – Best picture after hike

The Exterminator (5 points) – Eat an insect if you dare

Good Eye (1 points per item) – Spotting unique wildlife or beautiful flowers

The Conductor (1 point per person) – Sing a song and have others sing along

Handy Man (1 point) – Having useful equipment

Pack mule (1 point per item) – Carrying another hiker’s items

Ranger Joe (1 point) – Helping a stranger

Garbage Man (1 point per item) – Pick up trash; save the world

Lose Points

The Clumsy Hiker (5 points) – Falling down

Dehydrated (5 points) – Forgetting water

The Freak Out (1 point) – Loosing your cool in stressful situation

Liter Bug (1 point per item) – Caught littering, even if accidental

Don’t Trip (1 point) – Caught tripping over object

The Whiner (1 point per complaint) – Don’t complain; enjoy the hike

Slow Poke (1 point) – Holding up the group

It is time to grab your things, start your hike, and play Top Hiker; the game that originated down by the bay.


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