Hiking Apps You Would Enjoy

With summer around the corner, hiking is one of the top things to do while the sun is shining. If you are an owner of an iPhone and not opposed to using it during a hike, there are several hiking apps that could be beneficial during your adventures. Some of these apps cost money, while others are FREE.

  1. Trail Tracker GPS – For no cost, the app tracks your entire adventure and keeps track of your progress over the course of multiple occasions. The app cannot only be used for just hiking, but running, bicycling, or driving as well. If you are lost and need assistance, the app allows you to send your coordinates.
  2. Gaia GPS – For only $9.99, the app offers a plethora of topographical maps for the United States and Canada. You have the capability to record your hike and snap photos that are geotagged. With Apple Watch compatibility, you can have all of the great features of the app on your wrist.
  3. Yonder – For no cost, you can share your adventures with others fellow explorers. It’s a perfect way to share your memories with others that appreciate them as much as you do.
  4. AllTrails – For no cost, the app offers more than 50,000 trails that are throughout North America. The information is accurate and up-to-date. You even have the ability to categorize the trails to find the best trail for you.
  5. Summit Seeker – For only $0.99, the app allows for mountain climbers to keep track of all the highest peaks they reach in all 50 states. You can keep track of your ascent, learn more about the peak you are attempting to reach, and share photos with others.

Other hiking apps that you may find useful are Trails (free), Terra Map (free), Army Survival Guide ($0.99), Map My Hike (free), and Ramblr (free).

Utilize any one of these hiking apps on your next adventure.


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