Point Lobos State Reserve

Point Lobos State Reserve is one of those hikes where you can go back again and again, but the beauty still amazes you. Some critics have called Point Lobos State Reserve “the crown jewel of the state park system” and “the greatest meeting of land and sea in the world.” Point Lobos is even considered one of the top 10 places to hike in Monterey County.

The state park is home to beautiful views of the California coast and stunning wildlife. Apart from the raccoons, mountain lions, and coyotes you may spot on land, you can peer out into the Pacific Ocean and spot sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, and even the occasional gray whale that past Point Lobos State Reserve between December and April. It is even a popular bird watching spot as the state park is home to a wide variety of birds. Aside from hiking along the California coast, you can enjoy scuba diving, picnicking, or beach relaxing.

There are over 4 miles of hiking at Point Lobos. Trails include the Cabin Trail, Moss Cove Trail, South Shore Trail, Mound Meadow Trail, and Cypress Grove Trail. The level of difficulty of all these trails range from easy to moderate. There are parts where you can even head down to the beach, such as China Cove. Some areas may be closed at times in order to not disturb seal lions and their pups. Other jaw-dropping coves you will witness are Sea Lion Cove, Bluefish Cove, Pinnacle Cove, and Whalers Cove.

Grab your bags because it is time to head over to the Point Lobos State Reserve down by the bay.

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