Monterey Bay Kayaks

Put on your life jacket, grab your oar or paddle, and venture out into the Pacific Ocean. With Monterey Bay Kayaks you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Monterey Bay from a different vantage point. Established in 1985, Monterey Bay Kayaks has catered to hundreds of thousands of people at their two locations in Monterey and Elkhorn Slough, offering kayak and standup paddleboard rentals and more. At the Monterey location, Lover’s Point, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Cannery Row’s kelp forest are just the few things you will explore during your adventures. Just some of the wildlife you will encounter are sea otters in the kelp forest, sea lions, and shore birds. You enter the ocean from Del Monte Beach and from there you can explore within the boundaries. Even your dog can join the exploration.

When renting from Monterey Bay Kayaks, you must go through an orientation in order to learn how to enter the water and control the kayak, rules, the boundaries you must stay in when on the water, and what to do when you capsize. Rentals include all necessary equipment. All day rental rates are as follows:

  • Double Kayaks (Sit-on-top kayaks only) – $30 per person
  • Single Kayaks (Sit-on-top kayaks only) – $33 per person
  • Fishing kayaks – $33 per person
  • Standup Paddleboards – $50 per person

Monterey Bay Kayaks even offers a summer kids camp, classes, and tours. The summer kids camps are from June through mid-August, Monday through Thursday, for ages 8-14. The classes are taught by ACA trained instructors who teach you individual skills and training. There are seven classes to choose from. Professional guides can show you the hot spots during the six different tours, as well as the two private tours. The two private tours are to either Point Lobos State Reserve or Still Water Cove in Pebble Beach. It is recommended that you reserve these camps, classes, and tours 24-48 hours in advance.

It’s time to explore the Monterey Bay with Monterey Bay Kayaks down by the bay.


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