15,000-Mile Canadian Trail Opens Next Year

A new car-free trail (the Great Trail) in Canada is set to open next year and this will be no ordinary walk in the park. Once open, it will be the world’s longest car-free trail with a distance of 15,000 miles. Creation of this large cross-country network of trails began in 1992 and development is finally reaching the end with over 12,000 miles of trails already connected. The Great Trail starts in Newfoundland and heads west across the beautiful Canadian landscape, ending in British Columbia.

The large stretch of trails will be enjoyed by cyclists, hikers, and others who appreciate the great outdoors. With European cities advocating for bicycling as a form of green transportation, Canadians can now join the movement and use the Great Trail to commute via bike. In fact, 80 percent of the Canadian population lives within 30 minutes of the Great Trail.

Aside from the cycling and hiking, outdoor enthusiasts will be able to enjoy horseback riding, cross-country skiing, paddling, snowmobiling, and more. The ability to do all of these activities is due to the diverse landscapes Canada has to offer.

If you are living in Canada or decide to visit after the Great Trail opens, be sure to explore and experience as much of this 15,000-mile trail as you can.


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