Kayaking in Elkhorn Slough

Put on your life jacket, grab your paddles, and get ready to have a great time on the water at Elkhorn Slough. This 7-mile tidal slough harbors one of the largest stretches of tidal salt marsh in California. Elkhorn Slough is only second to San Francisco Bay. This body of water is a perfect place to habitat hundreds of plant and animal species, such as otters, harbor seals, and over 340 bird species.

If you do not own your own kayak, you can still rent a kayak and the necessary gear for the day from Monterey Bay Kayaks or Kayak Connection. Each give you the great opportunity to explore Elkorn Slough on your own or on a tour.

Monterey Bay Kayaks

The cost to rent a kayak is:

  • Single kayaks – $30 per person
  • Double kayaks – $35 per person

There are seven available kayaking tours that can range from 1.5 to 3.5 hours and cost anywhere from $45 to $85. One such tour is the Moon Rise tour that is available each month during a full moon. It is a 2.5-hour tour for $60, taking adventurers out onto the water to witness the sun set and the moon rise. It’s a beautiful site to see.

Kayak Connection

The cost to rent a kayak is:

  • Single kayaks: $35 for 4 hours
  • Double kayaks: $55 for 4 hours
  • Triple kayaks: $65 for 4 hours

Kayak Connection offers nine kayaking tours, including the Starlight Bioluminescence Tour and the Birdwatching Tour. The Starlight Bioluminescence Tour is an experience of a lifetime as your get to experience the nocturnal creatures and bioluminescent waters if the conditions are right. The Birdwatching Tour gives you the opportunity to explore the hundreds of species of birds that make their way to Elkhorn Slough.

No matter which kayak you choose to rent, you are going to enjoy your time paddling and exploring in Elkhorn Slough down by the bay.


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