Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Big Basin Redwoods State Park is the oldest state park in California, covering over 18,000 acres. With a multitude of trails ranging in difficulty and reaching elevations over 2,000 feet, Big Basin is a must visit state park. The main attraction is the thousands of ancient redwoods that reach heights of over 300 feet, a circumference of 50 feet, and date back 2,500 years. Other attractions to feast your eyes upon and enjoy are the waterfalls, Pacific Ocean, 80 miles of trails, and amazing wildlife (foxes, bobcats, banana slugs, owls, woodpeckers, lizards, and more)

Prior to Spanish explorers discovering the Big Basin area in the late 1700s, the land was home to the Cotoni and Quiroste tribes. Once the area was first discovered by Gaspar de Portola in 1769, everything changed. With increased wood demand for urban development and the gold rush, logging threatened the land. In order to fight against logging and its negative effects on the land, various journalists, businessmen, politicians, artists, and scholars decided to form the Sempervirens Club in early 1900. In less than a year, the Sempervirens Club was able to successfully push for a State bill, creating the California Redwood Park in March of 1901. The park was renamed to its current name, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, in 1927.

There are enough trails for either a fun, day hike or an adventure that lasts multiple days. Some trails to enjoy include:

Sequoia Trail (EASY) – A 7.8-mile loop that features a beautiful waterfall.

Shadowrook Trail (EASY) –  A 3.9-mile trail that passes over the Sempervirens Creek and Union Creek.

Meteor Trail (MODERATE) – Hikers can visit the Maddock Cabin Site on this 4.6-mile loop, as well as a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean on clear days at Ocean View Summit.

Buzzard’s Roost (MODERATE) – Witness the remarkable diversity of Big Basin Redwoods State Park along this 4.1-mile trail by climbing the rocky overlook.

Berry Creek Falls Trail (STRENUOUS) – Come across picturesque waterfalls along this 9.5-mile loop.

Westridge-Henry Creek Loop Trail (STRENUOUS) – Climb up to the Mt. McAbee overlook on this dog-friendly, 15.3-mile loop.

Explore the oldest state park in California, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, down by the bay.


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