Rock Climbing at Pinnacles National Park

Thanks to volcanic activity and the aftermath of many earthquakes, large pinnacles and rocky spires await at Pinnacles National Park. Grab your harness, shoes, and the rest of your gear because it is time to rock climb. The best part is that there are a wide variety of routes throughout the park, which means that any skill level can be catered to. Due to volcanic activity playing a major role in creating these massive pinnacles, the rock is much weaker than solid granite, so be prepared for some parts of the routes to “give” while climbing.

The east side of the park offers more solid rock and routes for beginning climbers such as the “Tourist Trap” and “Discovery Wall,” while the west side offers more multi-pitch routes. Additionally, the park offers top-ropes and lead climbing, so you have options based on your comfort level. The routes are open most of the year, except when temperatures are extremely high during the summer. Some routes are closed from January to July in order to protect nesting falcons, eagles. and other native birds.

The best way to find the perfect route at Pinnacles National Park is by using A Climber’s Guide to Pinnacles National Monument by Brad Young. The book shows all of the climbs throughout the park, where they are located, the difficulty, the general route you should take, and other general information.

Grab your gear because it’s time to rock climb at Pinnacles National Park down by the bay.


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