Garzas Canyon – Garland Ranch Regional Park

With over 50 miles of trails to hike at Garland Ranch Regional Park, there is much to explore. One such area is Garzas Canyon. By hiking the 7.3-mile Garzas Canyon Loop, you will encounter stunning views of Carmel Valley, colorful wildflowers, Garzas Creek, and the occasional horse (horseback riding is permitted on some trails). Dogs are allowed on all trails as long as they are on a leash or respond to you on command. The hike is rated as moderate, so be prepared to break a sweat as you travel uphill for much of the hike. There are parts of the hike where you are walking through the forest and then the trail opens up to beautiful views of the canyon. There are over five bridges to cross Garzas Creek, but the water level can result in some of the bridges being gone. Crossing the creek is still an adventure worth having.

In order to get to the trailhead, you must travel east on Carmel Valley Road from Highway 1 for 10.2 miles. Drive pass the main entrance of Garland Ranch until you reach Boranda Road. Turn right on Boranda. Follow the road until you run into Garzas Road. Turn left on Garzas. You will soon see a sign on the right showing the entrance of the Garzas Canyon Trail. Park on the street.

Explore a less-traveled part of Garland Ranch Regional Park; Garzas Canyon, down by the bay.


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