Fremont Peak State Park

If you are looking for stunning views of the Monterey Bay and Pacific Ocean, then explore Fremont Peak State Park. Established in 1934, Fremont Peak State Park spans over 162 acres. Located in the Gabilan Range near San Juan Bautista, California, the park offers hiking, picnicking, camping, and exploring at the astronomical observatory. While hiking, picnicking, or camping, you are likely to encounter various birds and mammals that have established a home within the pine and California oak woodlands. The park has easy to moderate hikes, including the must hike Fremont Peak Loop Trail.

The Fremont Peak Loop Trail is a 2.5-mile trail that reaches the 3,169-foot summit of Fremont Peak. From the trailhead to the summit is an increase of 721 feet in elevation. At the Fremont Peak summit, hikers get a 360 degree view of the Monterey Bay, Pacific Ocean, Salinas Valley, San Benito Valley, and Santa Lucia Mountains. One of the best parts is that dogs are allowed on the trail, as well as throughout the rest of the park.

Other than just hiking, there are 22 campsites that accommodate for either tents or RVs. There is a camping fee that you pay once you get to the park. An evening activity is the Fremont Peak Observatory. The observatory opened in 1986 and operates every summer. There is a 30-foot telescope that allows you to see the stars in a whole new way. One more activity is Fremont Peak Day, an annual event that happens every April to commemorate Captain John C. Fremont raising the U.S. flag in defiance of the Mexican government in 1846.

Be ready for some fantastic views of the Monterey Bay at Fremont Peak State Park down by the bay.


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