Mirror Lake – Yosemite National Park

Within the nearly 1,200 square miles of Yosemite National Park there are beautiful waterfalls, vast meadows, deep valleys, and much more. Among all of this jaw-dropping beauty is Mirror Lake. The lake is at its fullest during the spring and early summer, but that doesn’t mean the beauty disappears during the off-seasons. When the lake is calm and full there are stunning reflections of the nearby cliffs, including the iconic Half Dome. When there is a lack of water the lake is sometimes referred to as Mirror Meadow as there is an increase in grass and sandy areas, still offering its own kind of beauty. The stunning views of the high cliffs remain.

The Mirror Lake Trail is a must hike in Yosemite National Park. It is a easy to moderate 5-mile loop around the lake. The trailhead starts shuttle stop #17. You will travel on a paved road for the first mile, leading directly to Mirror Lake. You hike along the Tenaya Creek, crossing two bridges before returning to Mirror Lake. Be ready to witness amazing wildlife.

Witness the beauty of Mirror Lake at Yosemite National Park.


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