Grand Canyon National Park

Marvel at the beauty and magnitude of Grand Canyon National Park. Carved by the Colorado River for millions of years, the Grand Canyon is now 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and a mile deep. The origin of the canyon can be dated back 17 million years. The erosion has exposed millions of years of sediment and rock. There are three sets of rock in the Grand Canyon categorized as Paleozoic Layered Rocks, Grand Canyon Supergroup Rocks, and Vishnu Basement Rocks.


The main parts of Grand Canyon National Park are the North Rim and South Rim. The North Rim offers incredible views, various hikes, lodging, and camping. Visitors can either lodge at the Grand Canyon Lodge or camp at the North Rim Campground within the park. There are 13 trails at the North Rim including:

  • Roosevelt Point Trail (0.2 miles roundtrip) – Stroll through secluded woodlands.
  • Bright Angel Point Trail (0.5 miles roundtrip) – Short, but steep paved trail with spectacular views.
  • Cliff Spring Trail (0.8 miles roundtrip) – Descends down a forested ravine and leads you through large overhangs along the cliff.
  • Cape Royal Trail (0.8 miles roundtrip) – Easy, paved trail with stunning views of the canyon, Angels Window, and Colorado River.
  • Bridle Path (1.9 miles one-way) – A road that connects the Grand Canyon Lodge and North Kalibab Trail.
  • Transept Trail (2 miles one way) – Travel through a beautiful side canyon.
  • Cape Final Trail (4.2 miles roundtrip) – A forested hike with views of the canyon and the Painted Desert.
  • Uncle Jim Trail (4.7 miles roundtrip) – Forested hike that leads to North Kalibab Trail switchbacks and a viewpoint that overlooks the Grand Canyon.
  • Point Imperial Trail (5.4 miles roundtrip) – Explore areas that were burned by the 2000 Outlook Fire.
  • Ken Patrick Trail (9.8 miles one-way) – Travel through the forest and along the rim.
  • Arizona Trail (12.1 miles one-way) – Hike through the forest of Grand Canyon National Park.
  • North Kalibab Trail (distance varies) – Trail to the Colorado River with much to see along the way.

Overwhelm your senses by awing at the beauty of Grand Canyon National Park.



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