Bryce Canyon National Park

There really is no place like Bryce Canyon National Park as its rock formations are something to marvel at. Have you ever heard of a hoodoo? A hoodoo is a bulbous column that has been created by many years of erosion. The rock takes on three forms before it becomes a hoodoo. It starts as a plateau, becomes a fin, and then makes a window before becoming a hoodoo. These hoodoos can be found on every continent, but Bryce Canyon National Park has the largest collection of hoodoos than any other place in the world. Throughout the park you should search for famous rock formations including, Thor’s Hammer, The Hunter, Queen Victoria, The Rabbit, and 3 Wisemen.

There are over 65 miles of hiking trails throughout Bryce Canyon National Park. These trails include:

  • Mossy Cave (0.8 mi. round trip)
  • Rim Trail (11 mi. round trip)
  • Sunset Point to Sunrise Point Trail (1 mi. round trip)
  • Bristlecone Loop (1.0 mi. round trip)
  • Queens Garden (1.8 mi. round trip)
  • Navajo Trail (1.3 mi. round trip)
  • Tower Bridge (3 mi. round trip)
  • Hat Shop (4 mi. round trip)
  • Swamp Canyon (4.3 mi. round trip)
  • Fairyland Loop (8 mi. round trip)
  • Peek-A-Boo Loop (5.5 mi. round trip)
  • Riggs Spring Loop (8.5 mi. round trip)

If you plan on staying at Bryce Canyon National Park for more than one day, you have over 200 campsites to choose from at the North and Sunset Campgrounds. Aside from camping, there are other lodging accommodations outside the park.

Bryce Canyon is a site to see at sunset and sunrise. The way the light bounces off of the hoodoos is simply stunning. Once the sun is gone, it gets even better. As one of the darkest places on the planet, at a high elevation, and with light air pollution, Bryce Canyon National Park is the ideal location to stargaze. There is even an Annual Astronomy Festival during the summer.


Explore the large collection of hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park.


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